suddenly everything has changed

in the greatest of ways, of course. but in the most unexpected of ways as well. it’s amazing how God’s greatest blessings often come as a shock to us at first. a beautiful, life altering, joy inducing, anxiety provoking blessing!

yup, you guessed it. we saw a couple lines on a test. i got some blood taken. we’ve got a little fighter growing in my tummy! coming to us against all odds, who will be received with the most open of arms!

hi, little one. we love you so much already. we never knew you could love and desire someone so much in such a short amount of time, without ever having met that person. but you, my little feisty baby who only wants to eat cottage cheese as of late, will be the most loved human on the face of the planet. because, well, God made you. and we’re rejoicing.

i can’t help but think of postal service’s song “suddenly everything has changed” … i wonder what ben gibbard wrote it about. now that we know about our little impending bundle of joy, i like to think it is about having kids. it simply states that life hits you at random moments throughout the day and you realize how much has changed from the past. life certainly has changed already. listen to it here

trev and i could not love each other more, and now in about 8 months we’ll have someone new to love as well! but certainly we recognize throughout the day at the most mundane moments how our lives will be different. different in an amazing unexpected way! God is so faithful and knows us better than we know ourselves, and we are grateful for His perfect plan for us!


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