point one percent

there was a 99.9% chance of this not happening. according to modern medicine, what i was taking to help prolong our baby-less lives had a 99.9% effectiveness rate. i don’t doubt it actually. i took it at the same time every day with thanks to my handy cell phone alarm clock. i just think God likes to work in that .1%. it’s kind of better this way honestly … our little .1% miracle was all God’s planning, and He knew that the timing was right for us. surprisingly though, and some of you may or may not know, this happened to us in december of 09- we found out a little .1% was coming and then it turned out to be “not viable” and handled itself on its own. we were STUNNED then to say the least. what are the chances?! now though, now we know that God was preparing us. He was preparing our hearts to be so full of love and joy for our little .1%, and it seems like He wanted us to be fully aware of both the beauty and the fragility of these little miracles. welp, as usual … God did His job to perfection 🙂 i like that we weren’t trying to conceive and that our baby chose us instead of us meticulously planning on how to help this baby come to this world. our baby knew what s/he wanted and wasn’t letting a little medicine get in the way

but back to why i wanted to post … we got my numbers back today. my levels multipled x8 in 4 days. x8! normally we would expect a doubling every 2-3 days. but this little one in my tummy is growing fast! i was so relieved when i got the phone call today. so relieved that our little one is growing at a great rate, yet still so cautious as to open my heart up fully to the idea that in 8 months or so we’ll have a new member of our family because i don’t want to get ahead of myself. ahh, the sweet dichotomy of pregnancy.

i love you, little one. and i love that you are growing so strong. you’ll be chargers QB in no time…
mama p


One thought on “point one percent

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