we’re moving, by the way

when i’m a couple weeks into my second trimester, we are picking up our lives in chicago and heading back to san diego. we originally decided to do this only a couple weeks before we learned we were pregnant in december- although nobody knew of this plan until after we miscarried (little known fact!). then that fell through, but our longing to be back in warmer weather and closer to our families didn’t. so i’m leaving my doctoral program in may, which is when i’ll get my masters, and then we’ll head back and find some jobs and have ourselves a baby in the fall. craziness. i’m thinking of  applying to a new PhD program in san diego and perhaps live in a dream world that i can actually get in. maybe not a dream world, but at least in a land far far away. if i get in, score! i can hang out with the baby for a year, work, and then get paid to go to school. i’ll probably take the slower route but hey, i’m all for it. if i don’t get in, i’ll work, hang out with the baby, and love life regardless. i love the uncertainty of life right now … only because God’s got it all covered and i’ve really learned over this past 6 months especially that His will and His plans are the only ones i should concern myself with. mmm, comforting.

we are road tripping home. we thought there would never be a time to do that again. and especially now that we have a little one on the way, yeah- there probably will never be a time where driving across the US for fun sounds, well … fun. we are really looking forward to it. scope our itinerary (you have to click on the thumbnail since i don’t know how to put full pics on this page yet…ohh, technology.)


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