luck of the chi-rish

ever year, the saturday before st patrick’s day becomes a ridiculous excuse for the city to work itself into a drunken stupor. but alas, i still like the traditions chicago holds for this crazy day. in particular, the green dye that gets put into the river. it’s a green that doesn’t exist in nature, but it has its own sense of beauty to it. strange, i know. after heading downtown last year with our friends kevin and melissa, we learned a valuable lesson- there is no need to be early/on time for the river dyeing. it takes a long time, is usually cold, and you are surrounded by people who have been drunk since 830am. that part can actually be funny, but not when it’s freezing. now not that i’m judging, i’m just saying- when all you wanna do is see a green river and not party hardy, the best bet is to go in the afternoon. so i did this year. by myself. purposefully by myself. because i have been sleepy, achey, and all around uncomfortable (in a wonderful way! haha) lately and i didn’t want to give too much opportunity to tip anyone off that i have a person growing in my tummy, i went alone. and trev is out of town this week- vacationing in palm desert with his fam. *shaking fist at grad school schedule*

alas, the river was electric green, the drunkards had dispersed to the local watering holes, and i got a quick picture of the river, a sugar bliss cupcake, and a ride back on the el. it was so worth it.


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