i see you

little one,
i saw you for the first time today. well, it pales in comparison to what you will eventually look like, but you are chillin in your gestational sac in my tummy, and seem to be enjoying the ride so far. the most beautiful little thing you are! you are implanted and are growing right on target. i am in awe of God’s creation. in absolute awe.

your daddy wasn’t there to see you, but he will be in two weeks when we go to see your heart beating. wow. still in awe. he was so excited that i got to see you though, and thinks that life with you around is going to be the best adventure he ever could have asked for! while we still have a lot of things to figure out in terms of what life will look like with you in it- will a company want to hire me knowing full well in a few months i’d have to leave for a while? will i want to go back to work after you enter the world? (i think no)! where are we going to live? yadda yadda yadda. the things that we think about but really know God’s got completely figured out.

i love you. i love you so dang much already! you are absolutely adorable in your little gestational sac. i don’t like that name. maybe you look absolutely adorable in your temporary apartment? i don’t have a picture of you, but i will in two weeks. i’ll keep it forever and always.
keep growing and changing, little one! i hope my tummy is comfy!

with an astounding amount of love and awe,
your mama


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