going green

i want to raise a green child in a green environment. all of a sudden i envision raising this child in ways that i never even thought of before- maybe because i never HAD to think of these things, but it certainly is so different when it is your own flesh and blood. cloth diapering, natural instead of plastic toys, making lil tad’s food from scratch instead of buying store bought processed junk … it’s all so exciting! the cloth diapering has me the most excited. the more i do research on what diapers are actually made of, i can’t help but want to raise my baby with a chlorine-less booty! and, contrary to popular belief, it’s easier than it sounds. plus, the wraps are so dang cute! long gone are the days of safety pinning big clunky white wraps around baby’s tooshy. and lessen our family’s carbon footprint by … a lot. i might not be able to do it all the time, but that’s the plan! and as far as toys, there are far too many things wrong with plastic toys these days- just ask every parent who has had their kids toys recalled! but there are so many naturally-based toys out there, and i want our kid to play with those as much as possible. and food … well, food … i’m probably being idealistic here, but i want to make my own baby food. maybe by the time #2 or beyond comes i will have given up on the idea, but i want to try. i want to make my baby a natural baby. and it’s starting while the little one is in my tummy. trying to go more organic/less processed is hard when you are newly pregnant because, well, not a ton of things sit well with you. or at least with me. i crave mac and cheese and cottage cheese. calcium i guess, right? i’ve been fighting myself to make sure i get protein. even throwing tofu into my mac and cheese whenever i can. sweets i’m finding are too sweet, and salty is just too salty … but a good carton of cottage cheese … that’s the stuff. hopefully in the next trimester i can expand my repertoire, or perhaps i should say, hopefully the little one will expand his or her repertoire!

plus, Lord willing, we’ve decided to give birth at a birthing center. all natural! no drugs, just hypnobirthing techniques and a loving doctor (he’s in north county SD and rocks my world). but that is for another post.

i just can’t help but notice how much i’m changing already. priorities. things i get excited about. i just love this little baby so dang much. and to think, we were actively trying not to have one of these little blessings! God is so faithful and so gracious to us.

i’ll write to you soon … next monday, Lord willing again!, we’ll get to see the heartbeat of our little miracle.

lots of love,
eco-vamped mama


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