do you want to know a secret?

i’m 10 weeks today. 10 weeks pregnant and a little belly is beginning to form on my usually not so round belly. maybe it’s just bloating (pregnancy is really glamourous), but i like to look at it because it reminds me of the little life that is in there. 

 man, i already love this little one so much. it’s crazy creating life. you know that saying about getting something you’ve never known that you’ve always wanted? this is the definition of that for me. i never would have thought a baby was in the mix at this point in our lives, but man i could not imagine waiting any longer to meet this little one!

also, another fun secret to leave you with- trev has been having sympathy symptoms. feeling nauseous, taking long naps due to exhaustion … it’s so cute. he’s also become a master at back rubs now that my back and hips feel like they are growing every minute! i think i love this baby so much because i love him so much, and he loves me so much. it’s just a regular love fest at our apartment lately. until i have a hormonal mood swing of course. but let’s not go there…



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