hold up, wait a minute

i must have been crazy. or not paying attention.

i didn’t write a blog about seeing the heartbeat of our little baby at 7 weeks 5 days?

wow. what a ridiculous oversight on my part. my first big blog snafu i suppose.  about three weeks later i’ll update you. well, here’s a quick overview of how it went:

my midwife tried to hear the baby’s heartbeat through a doppler because she said i was relatively thin so often times you can hear it early, but all we really heard was a bunch of nonsense. i was actually thankful for that because that meant she wanted me to get an ultra sound just to make sure. yesss, getting to see this little one has been such a blessing. twice already! so we go to the ultrasound room and there s/he was. chillin, so much bigger already than the 2 weeks prior, with a super strong heartbeat of 148 bpm. swoon! a single tear went down my cheek, trevor was overwhelmed and so amazed that there was actually something else living inside of me. what a moment to spend with a man who has been so loving and so gentle with me, a moment with a man who listens to God’s calling in his life, a man who loves be so dang well. it was definitely a moment. and i fell more in love than ever before. with trevor. with our baby. with God. with the ultrasound technician. there really wasn’t anything that was going to bring me down at that point. praise the Lord the baby was growing and progressing normally.

i had to go out to school take a test in which i had to identify parts of a sheep brain after this appointment. not something i was looking forward to, and certainly not a great encore to such a wonderful show. but no matter what the Lord’s will is in our lives and in the life of this little one, He gave me an amazing gift that day. makes me get tingly all over again just reminiscing!

can’t believe i didn’t write a post before. i think i actually did because the blog title “be still my heart” comes to mind … maybe i didn’t publish it? ay yi yi. not like anyone is reading this yet, but whatever 🙂 i’ll leave you with a pic, although the baby looks a LOT different now … more pics in a few weeks!

lots of love


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