bright lights, big city

i’m gonna miss chicago. i’m gonna miss this city a LOT. i’m not necessarily going to miss my program or being in school, etc … but i’m going to miss this city.

i’m going to miss the opportunity to raise our kid in SUCH a diverse environment. racially, culturally, politically, everything-ly. i’m going to miss the diversity myself, too. it’s opened a lot of doors within my spirit, and really been so enrinching in so many ways.

i’m going to miss the river. chicago’s downtown area is hands down the coolest in america. granted, i haven’t been to every major city yet, but it blows the ones i have visited out of the water. the accessibility of the downtown area (oh, the EL. i wish you were in SD), the modern mixed with the historical, the bright lights shining off the river that cuts right through the middle of downtown. summertime chicago + evening + anywhere by the river = perfection. it’s a whole different ballgame in the winter, but let’s remember the good times, right?!

i’m going to miss the sports culture. chicago BREATHES their sports teams. wrigleyville is the most fun place in the world on game day. electric. cliche, but true. the bulls stadium is intimidating with all of its banners from previous championships, and fans are out of control in their loyalty. soldier field is incredible, even with the mostly angry (who wouldn’t be if jay cutler was your QB?), cursing fans? they still love their bears, and they love their ditka. we even have gotten into the blackhawks since moving here- hockey, you say? yes! the blackhawks are giving this city a lot of optimism right now in an otherwise bleak sports outlook. but that’s just the key: these fans are optimistic. THIS is the year we break the curse. THIS is the year we go all the way. no? okay, NEXT year is the year and we’ll sell out every game at every stadium for every team because we love them so much and are hopeful that they won’t break our hearts again. these fans are hardcore and faithful.

i am going to miss the character of each neighborhood. it’s own personality for every few blocks. it’s amazing how they take on lives of their own. i think about how ‘sex and the city’ stated that NYC was a character in and of itself in that show, and i can’t help but think that each neighborhood here is a character of its own in so many people’s lives.

i’ll miss the seasons. scratch that. not really winter. i’ll miss summertime here (everyone takes advantage of being outside because the winter well … is horrible) and everything that comes with it- outdoor festivals being numero uno. i’ll miss fall and the changing leaves. i’ll miss the feeling of springtime when you recognize that things are coming back to life and the smell changes in the air. i won’t miss that it is still too cold in the spring and winter feels like it drags on forever. stay positive here, kelly! i’ll miss about 3 days of winter. of awesome blanketed snow making all the dead trees beautiful again. i’ll miss feeling like i live in a snowglobe. but i won’t miss how long it lasts. or how bitterly cold and windy it gets. like i said, about 3 days of winter i’ll miss … the rest of the 6 months of cold i won’t miss at all.

but then again … there are so many things that i will not miss about this city (ie. 55 shootings in 3 days? really?) not only because of what chicago is, but because of what i will be gaining by living in san diego. and things that chicago can’t offer that san diego simply exudes. that is for another post. but i was feeling a little sentimental about this city. this city where we learned married life together. this city where i feel like we became adults. this city that we get to take a permanent souvenir home from. this city that will be on top of the vacation list for years to come for us. in the summer, while the cubs have some home games of course.


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