beautiful noise

the most REAL moment of this pregnancy thus far has not been a visual moment but an auditory one. this past friday trevor and i heard the sound of our little babooshka’s heart beat. through a doppler. it was amazing. and overwhelming. and oh so strong.

when my midwife found the heartbeat she turned the doppler towards me. i didn’t believe it at first, it was beating so fast. so strong. it’s a bizarre moment, too. i could feel my heart beat and i knew it wasn’t that fast. it was a real moment of “there is something ALIVE insiside of me.” like, even when i am alone to the outside world, say if trev isn’t at home or i’m walking by myself … i’m not really by myself. i’m just doing life with my little one. what?! crazy. if that doesn’t make you step back for a second nothing will. i cried, of course. trevor was infatuated.

on a similar note, the NFL draft was this weekend. trevor is certain our baboosh is a boy. he thinks we can groom him into the ultimate athlete. and has high hopes of us sitting at the NFL draft one day with our grown boy as he makes his way into the NFL. ahhh, pipe dreams. gotta love ’em.

thank you, LORD for this amazing miracle. thank you for life. in every sense of the word.


the baboosh and me.


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