off the beaten path

this is un-pregnancy related.  lots of things in my life are, but it seems i’ve made a habit of making this blog only about the life in my tummy and not about the life in the world around me. tisk tisk. good lesson to remember for the future, too!

anyway, i just got back my client satisfaction survey from my first year of counseling.  it’s a mix of positive and negative, much more positive than negative though. i wanted to share one that made me tear up. okay, that’s pregnancy related. dang hormones.

“kelly has been an excellent counselor and i am so thankful to have seen her. after having been in counseling outside of ***** for a number of years and having had worked with an experienced therapist, it is obvious to me that Kelly has wisdom way beyond her years; although she is still in school, I felt like I was seeing a therapist who had been practicing for years.  Kelly’s understanding, compassion, ability to organize my feelings out loud with me surprised me at first, as i had no expectations in seeing an intern.  i found that all of those qualities were very strong in her, and because of having such a positive and helpful experience with her, i feel comfortable coming back to *****… I’m glad she’s at *****.”

awwww, doesn’t that make your heart melt? no? haha. well it melts mine. that was really sweet. it makes me so encouraged to see that i have left a positive imprint on at least one person’s life out of my time here. God is good! life is about individual connections, and when we are able to make ONE it is a blessing. even if we fail at making 99 others, that 1 is something great to hold onto 🙂

and now for a different-kind-of-fun one,

“i did not think counseling was helpful because i have too strong a personality and i think through things too well to have them be deconstructed by this particular counselor.”

so it’s good to know i am also super unhelpful to people, too! keeps my perspective right. especially when people think things through TOO well 🙂 this job is really interesting because i think a large amount of people will not mesh well with you, but when you do mesh with someone … it is a beautiful thing.

okay, back to doing client notes!


kelly the sometimes capable counselor


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