it’s too late to apologize


i haven’t updated in too long. since i last posted: i graduated with my masters in clinical psychology, we packed up our apartment, took an extended road trip across the united states (aka: party in the USA), saw wi graduate college, and moved back to san diego. whew.

the road trip was incredible. we thought we might hate each other by the end of it. but we loved every minute of it, and really cherished all the alone time we got. it was really refreshing and made me fall in love even more with my husband. man, God is good. i’ll share our picture albums whenever i get access to our computer (it’s boxed up somewhere, but it’s the only computer i can upload my pictures on. hmmm)

being back in SD has been amazing. it still feels a bit like we are on vacation/just visiting … but it’s been great to see our parents, show off my mini belly bump (that actually, by the day, probably isn’t so mini anymore), and just relax. we’re in job hunting mode now. i still don’t quite know what that will look like for me, with needing to take lotsa time off come fall, but God knows and that’s good enough for me!

i’m 15 weeks today. more people at this point should probably know but it’s just been an exhausting/busy past few weeks that we’ve kinda forgotten to update people. maybe a facebook picture should be shared soon? i’ll share you soon, too, blog. all in good time.

mama k


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