feelin’ kinda sunday

you know the nancy and frank sinatra song “feelin’ kinda sunday”? it used to represent football season to me. well, it still does. but now it just represents LIFE to me. san diego makes me feel kinda sunday. i don’t know how i ever went to work here, or how i will ever work here- it’s too beautiful and there are too many things to do. good problem to have, yes?
i can’t help but recognize more and more every day we are back at what a wonderful decision we made for ourselves and for our expanding family. i didn’t want to raise a child, even just a couple years, in chicago. more power to chicago families- i don’t know how you keep your sanity during the winter when it’s already hard enough. i can’t wait to walk this little one along the beach, teach him/her how to surf, go to the zoo, sit at all the patio restaurants rockin him/her in their little car seat. life is good. and life is even better in a place that you LOVE. i loved chicago and miss a lot about it, but i LOVE san diego. it has it’s pitfalls, that’s for sure, but it’s just where we need and want to be. once again, best decision we could have made.

me and the 16 week old baboosh. shhhh, s/he can hear you!


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