this boy


you are a boy and you don’t really even know it yet! God has been taking your daddy and i on an incredible journey of learning to fall in love with Him all over again (and continually with each other as well), and teaching us to trust that He is keeping His hands on you throughout the past couple months. we haven’t seen you since you were 7w5d, and you looked like a bean with a flickering heartbeat. today though, today you looked like a PERSON! a spine, little legs and arms kicking around in there. and, according to the doctor, a “third leg” confirming that you are our little man. your dad had to convince me to find out if you were a boy or girl before the day of your birth. i was certain i would want it to be a surprise. but, the more we got to talking- i’m the one who gets to experience the miracle of you growing in me and he gets the experience of watching me get bigger and dealing with backaches and random cravings! so we thought this would be a wonderful way for him to get to know you better. and boy oh boy was he excited to find out you are a boy. he really does feel like he knows you more now. it’s pretty incredible. AND, you are due to enter the world during a chargers bye week- God is so good! haha.

we love you so much, baboosh. even though we didn’t think we would be meeting a baboosh for a couple years, i really really can’t imagine not having you in our lives. you are awesome and loved already!

your mama!


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