when we first met

so this is the first day i unlocked this blog since i started writing in a couple months ago. people know now about you, little boy baboosh. well, a lot of people have known about you for a while- but facebook now knows about you. which maybe you’ll find out one day what that means. unless facebook is obsolete by the time you start socially networking. ya never know, right?!

anyway everyone, welcome to the blog that i’ve been keeping for a couple months. it’s mainly about being preggo, but some other stuff as well.

so, without further ado … 8 years after becoming “trevor and kelly” and about 2 years after becoming “mr and mrs trevor and kelly,” we are really excited to announce that God has decided to bless us with a little BOY this coming fall. i don’t know how often i’ll really be posting, and pictures might be hard to come by until i get our mac set up so i can upload, but, with all that said, happy reading!

mama kelly.


One thought on “when we first met

  1. Hey Mama!!!
    love the blog. will stalk you 😉 hehe. just saw that you put on fbook and had to check out the new website! can’t wait to hear about all the baby adventures and see pictures! love you three!

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