i just needed to share/note for myself for later reference about how dang sweet my husband is.

today while walking around the mall i was rubbing my little 4.5 month preggo belly. it’s like an instinct or something, i always touch it. anyway, trevor put his hand on mine while we were on the escalator and he looked at me and said, in the sweetest voice “i love your belly.” and gave me a kiss. and then he smiled and said “i love what’s in your belly even more!”

man. swoon. God is so good. He gives me new reasons to fall even more in love with my husband every day. trevor is going to be an AMAZING father (well, he already is? i don’t know how that works…) for many reasons, but i think the top reason (behind being a God loving/fearing/following man of course) is that he loves and honors me in a way that is pleasing to God. i know you are probably wanting to throw up a bit at this point, but i am just overwhelmed with the love that trev gives me. and how sweetly and easily he is transitioning into a whole new role in his life. it’s really amazing and beautiful to watch!


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