two for one!

two posts in one day. i must be feeling chatty.

i just wanted to say two things:

1. the baboosh is kicking a lot today. i still doesn’t feel like a full on KICK, but i can definitely feel him moving and punching things. already a little puncher, i guess! i have been really enjoying feeling him move around. after seeing his little legs move around on our last ultrasound, whenever i feel him kicking it just seems so much more … real. little legs are moving around in my tummy. i have a person in there. what?!

and 2. i am home alone right now. we are nomadic at the moment, staying at trevor’s mom’s casa until we start a two month house sitting shindig in rancho sante fe (mmmm, so excited!) next weekend, and then finding an apartment come september 1st. if i could, i would be a professional house sitter in RSF. haha. ok, focus foucs. i am feeling the urge to nest, and since we don’t have a place to do such nesting yet, i’m just registering for things and researching a lot of stuff online. i’ll keep myself busy sept and oct getting ready, and i’m sure the baboosh won’t mind/remember/care in the least if his room isn’t totally finished by the time he makes his big league debut. anyway, i’m home alone. and it is WONDERFUL. trevor and i have been sneaking as much absolute alone time as we can, but being actually fully alone (minus the fact that i’m never really alone since baboosh comes with me everywhere) … hasn’t happened for me in a while. and it is GLORIOUS. i love being around people, but i begin to get not-so-fun-to-be-around when i am around people ALL the time. particularly just because we haven’t had much “escape” from people since coming back. but at the same time, i’m thankful that we have so many people in our lives and so many people love us. i’m just sayin … 🙂

okay. i’m off to do absolutely nothing and say absolutely nothing to anyone for the next couple hours. mmmmmmmm,


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