less is more

i’ve always had a problem in going the round about way to say what i need to say. it’s way worse with typing, too. my emails and facebook comments are usually novellas. i don’t mean to. it just happens. i want to use this blog to work through that issue though- who wants to read a page long post that could have taken 2 sentences? i’m already typing too much, huh?

welp, we’re house sitting. for two months. this place is amazing. i will upload pics from the past like 2 months of our lives this weekend- we’re lugging our desktop over here so i can finally do it. i’ll link em soon. we’ll be looking for a place to officially live come september 1 (or mid aug), and at that point i’ll be in full nesting-mode. joy!

welp, nothing new to report. just wanted to update. i’m starting to register/search aimlessly around the internet for cute stuff. i don’t want a spoiled baboosh but i don’t know if i’ll be able to help myself!



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