hey baboosh,

we saw you last night for about an hour at your “halfway there” ultrasound. you are looking GOOD! healthy and blessed with a super cute profile 🙂 you were super cooperative too, and when our doc said “man, i love this baby” when you intently followed directions, your daddy and i looked at each other and said “us too!”. i wonder if you’ll ever know how much we love you. even though you are just chillin in my belly (not always chillin, you little kicker!), you are bringing such joy to us.

we’re watching the world cup right now. uruguay vs ghana. i say “we” as in you and me. daddy is off doing something or other, and you get to join me in whatever i choose to do. so today i choose to eat mac and cheese and watch the world cup. i know you can hear things in there now. do you find vuvuzelas culturally awesome or downright annoying? let me know asap, thanks.

<3, your mom


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