the 4th of july is cool, but i’m partial to the 5th

oh america. happy belated birthday. the huz and i celebrated america’s birthday by eating a lot and visiting friends. we spent a large majority of our day doing the following:

of course everyone loves the 4th of july. good food, hanging out at the beach, an extra day off from the daily grind. but huz and i are partial to the 5th. july 5, 2008 was our wedding date … and boy oh boy (literally) has it been a crazy two years. crazy in the most wonderful and beautiful of ways. i fall more and more in love with trevor every day, and he continues to bring out the best in me. we spent the majority of our married life in chicago, so now we are adjusting to married life in san diego (not too shabby, i might add) … and adjusting to the new life that is growing within me too. i am amazed that the love that we have for God and for one another created life. really intense. and wonderful. and beautiful. we know that in the midst of all these transitions that, besides our relationships with God, we need to be each other’s number one priority. to be a good mom i know i first need to be a good wife. and huz knows that to be a good dad he first needs to be a good huz. biblically speaking, that’s how it should be. we know we will love this little one with more love than either of us knew we ever had in us, but keeping each other at the forefront of our priorities is going to be key to continuing to enjoy the wonderful relationship God has allowed us to have. i have brought this up to a couple of friends who have kids who basically look at me like i just don’t know what i’m in for, and that my child will be my whole life. well, i want my child to hold my heart and my life in all ways, but just in ways that are completely different and separate from the way trevor holds my heart. if that makes sense. no matter what, he’s my huz and i HONOR him.

so happy two year anniversary to my wonderful husband. i love you with everything i’ve got.
and on a side note, happy birthday to my wonderful brother out in vietnam!




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