i recently had a great conversation with a friend about how our culture seems to have exchanged Biblical Truths for cultural truth. ( the exchange conference was recently in town and this sparked great conversation) . while it saddens me that we live in such a culture that is more interested in money, image and image management than in loving our God and serving Him faithfully, it also encourages me to have these conversations because it allows me to see where i am at in my own exchange process. particularly since finding out about the baboosh, trev and i had a few conversations at the beginning about how we were young (26 and 27 is on the relatively young side of the spectrum these days) and how we were in transition (moving from chicago to san diego and looking for jobs and a place to live) and how that just doesn’t “fall in line with the plan.” i hate that our minds go there, where we think we have any control over anything, where we fight God and like to think we know better. since then, since things have calmed down in our minds and hearts, our conversations about the baboosh stem around how faithful God is and what an honor it is to be loved by Him. God doesn’t care about how much money you have, how old you are, how “ready” you feel … the culture does, but He doesn’t. He knows us so intimately and knows what we need and when we need it, and i’d much rather put my hope in that then on anything the world is able to offer.
i want a large family, and of course we need means to provide for them, but not the means that our culture suggests (particularly here in southern california, man…there are some major obsessions with money and image here). yes, you need money to keep a roof over your baboosh’s head and and to keep him healthy and strong, but when money and image are driving your life … what kind of life is that? certainly not the type that Jesus died for. i choose to have life and live it abundantly in Him. what do you choose?


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