nesting without a nest

we’re homeless for a little while longer as we are house sitting until the middle of august. my nesting urges are starting to kick in, but with no nest within which to begin said nesting, i have resorted to starting my registry and doing some online window shopping. now, online window shopping is usually a good thing. but it turns into a scary thing when one blogging mama who shall remain nameless falls in love with a site that sells their items at a price that no sane person should ever spend on a baby.
exhibit A

i’m a sucker for modern, clean lines. now, i’m also a sucker for not spending almost $2000 on a crib. yeah, not a typo. i’m also a sucker for vintage stuff. and we are thinking of having a beachy theme to the room. throw that all together, and this nursery is going to be a hodge podge of clashing bizareness! i need to find my inner thrifty, crafty mama-ness and get this baby a room to live in, laugh in, learn in, eat in, sleep in (hopefully!), and all that fun stuff in … all with a respectable price tag, of course.


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