august, already?

where is time going? how is it already the beginning of august? how is it that we’ll have a baboosh here in just three months? man, life is flying. i don’t know if it’s because we’re in the midst of awesome transitions (we’re both working, looking for an apartment, growing a PERSON!), or if that is just how life is. fast. biblically speaking our life is but a breath, so i guess i should just accept the fact that life is gonna race by and do my best to enjoy it and enjoy the process of making our way through it. but i am definitely getting bigger and this little guy is right on track and appears to be healthy and happy so far in there! i’m due november 10 and have about 14ish weeks to go at this point.

so anyway, we’re still house sitting for another couple weeks so my willingness to buy things is still low … but my registry is gaining momentum so that makes me feel accomplished. i guess. i am SO excited about things to come though. in two weeks we start our birthing classes. i’ll be sure to do a whole post or two on them, but we chose hypnobirthing. i’m really excited about this natural, educational, and very empowering look at the birthing process. we want to go the natural route, no drugs- and hypnobirthing is touted as a way to really help you relax and takes the edge off any potential pain that may occur … because a lot of it is anxiety/psychological. not to say it’s all in your head, at all (and i’m smart enough to know that labor is called LABOR for a reason, it’s not a walk in the park, easy task at all), but anxiety plays into it. trev is excited to learn and to play an integral role in our day. heck, i’m excited to learn and play an integral role in our day! plus, the woman who is putting on the courses (see the link) is a licensed clinical social worker and simply seeing her passion for empowering women and their families has made me think about my own career path. and has produced some VERY new and interesting thoughts … but more on that some day in the future when i’ve thought about it more.

i’m also pretty stoked because i think we decided on our cloth diapers. most cloth diapering mamas say to wait it out and only get a few to test on the little baboosh, but i am just feeling really good about rumparooz. the g2 is the latest and greatest all in one, super easy to use, and although a little more pricey than others its class, no other one seems to be in its class really after talking to some cloth diapering mamas. they take you from newborn to potty training, and they are so flippin cute. and, of course, environmentally awesome as well as baby booty-approved. of course this is always subject to change, but who wouldn’t wanna snuggle with their baboosh when his booty looks like this?


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