a beautiful creepiness

at my last doctor’s appointment my doctor and i were talking about the baboosh and the crazy two sides to pregnancy- it is such an amazing miracle yet it is also one of the most normal things in the entire world. growing a person is so amazing yet so naturally human. i can’t think of too many other experiences in the world like that. i am blessed to be experiencing it.

on that note, i am feeling the baboosh growing bigger in there. not only is my tummy getting larger but i can see, for the most part, but definitely feel his body positions in there. i wake up and he’s all curled up on my left side, creating this huge bump on my left and a recess on my right. i can feel his spine every now and then, and have seen his elbow (or knee?) trying to make some room in there. awesome, right? it’s so rad watching and feeling him get bigger. at the same time, it is really creepy. i think- there is a person inside of me. growing. and moving around. sleeping, waking up, getting the hiccups, just living his little baboosh life in there. it’s really beautiful and can have passing moments of pure creepiness!

on another note … we finally registered for our baboosh’s bedding. from, of course, my favorite baboosh spot.

we are feeling really accomplished about this because now we can envision what his room might look like. it just makes it a little more real. we are beginning our apartment search finally too … making it a lot more real too. “oh, this will be the baboosh’s room.” he’s gonna be here before we know it and no matter what his nursery looks like and no matter what he is wearing, he will be loved. and that is more than enough.


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