pumping iron

i have been extra exhausted lately, having some interesting heart palpitation issues, and getting short of breath much easier … well, even though these are all relatively common side effects of being a preggo … these are also symptoms of anemia. i got my glucose test done about a week and a half ago. everything came out normal. except my iron levels, especially when compared to my first trimester blood work, are super low. so this little baboosh is an iron loving baby, taking it from me at crazy speeds! iron supplements are a girls best friend. kinda.

and, very excitedly, our little family went to baboosh’s first chargers game. granted it was a preseason game, but baboosh seemed to love it, even kicking when they played “we got more bounce in california” over the loudspeakers.

this football season should be, easily, the craziest of our lives. hoping that the chargers win it all, expecting our little guy mid-season (chargers bye week- thanks for being so thoughtful, baboosh!), and getting used to life as parents. tired just thinking about all that! but excited just thinking about all that as well!

we are on the apartment hunt, and my nesting instincts are in full swing. once we find a place to call our own, i am going to TOWN!
the baboosh carrier


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