i love craig, and his list

we just scored. like, massively scored.

i’ve been researching the HECK out of strollers lately and the ones that i loved the most were certainly far out of our price range. up to a bit over $1000, others around $500 … i just couldn’t realistically bring myself to think i should be paying that much for a stroller. at least when we aren’t celebrities or heirs to any crazy fortune. or just simply crazy. babies grow, fast. i wanted a safe stroller but not one that was going to break the bank. one of the strollers i loved was The Quinny Buzz. I particularly loved it because you can use it until your baboosh is older/it grows with him, but you can start using it with an infant car seat from the get go. And it’s not a bulky travel system- it’s European and they know what they are doing when it comes to creating sleek designs. Just take the toddler seat off and put the car seat on- voila! I loved the three wheels too, so much easier to maneuver. The fold looked relatively larger (especially in comparison with the Zapp, which we loved too- except the toddler seat doesn’t recline. boo.), but we thought it looked cool.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time trying to find a great knock off. Fortunately, yesterday morning I thought, “I wonder if anyone is selling this on CraigsList?” and alas … SCORE!! a couple who lives near us was selling their Zapp AND their infant car seat that goes with it for about half of the price of JUST the new stroller. We checked it out, it was in great condition, and we jumped on it. Plus, we got a fancy bouncy seat and a bunch of clothes they wanted to get rid of. Double Score! Actually, triple score!

So I’m now playing with the new stroller, getting used to folding and unfolding … and patting myself on the back for getting something cool for us and safe for the baboosh. First big baboosh purchase: Check!

baboosh, i’m so excited to put you in this stroller and take you on adventures.
<3, your mama


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