i didn’t anticipate…

the hours i would spend on the internet researching everything from baby slings to baby vaccination plans. obviously some things are more important than others in the grand scheme of our baboosh’s health and happiness, but some things are just downright fun to look at. i mean, who wouldn’t love this little baby k’tan to snuggle with your wee one? i didn’t even know these existed five months ago and now i can’t wait to get my hands on one!

and i can ONLY imagine how fun they will be to actually use once he gets here. but yes, there is so much research (and opinions, often times very STRONG opinions) online about every aspect of parenting. i never would have thought i would have wanted a natural hypnobirth, but now it is something i am gearing up daily for, never ever would have thought twice about cloth diapers, but i can’t wait to treat my little guy’s booty well while doing something positive for the environment at the same time. these can be seen as big or small changes, i don’t really care about that aspect … what i do care about is that we are empowering ourselves as PARENTS. that’s easily one of the most awesome statements i’ve ever typed. we’re parents. already. navigating the wide world of parenting one (big or small) decision at a time.



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