slowly but surely

so, as i have previously lamented, we are still homeless. but that is only for six more days. then let the unpacking begin! as we get closer to our guess date (we have less than 9 weeks to go. ayo!), we are trying to get our baboosh merch in order and see what we need. and what we need is a lot. but that’s okay. slowly but surely, right? well, we purchased our crib finally. it went on sale this week and comes with a free matching changing table. not that we were interested in a changing table, but hey, it’s free!

as you guys may remember, i’ve had some frustration in falling in love with things that are too expensive. well, i did good and stayed well below our budget and went with the highly rated, loved by parents and babooshes alike, Graco Lauren Crib in Espresso. we’re excited for the look of dark wood with all the bright colors we have swirling in our heads. it also eventually will convert to a toddler bed, a day bed, and a full size bed. that’s what i like to call multitasking, people. something i love in baby merch, since babies don’t stay babies for too long!

hooray for slowly but surely creating a comfy place for our sweet baboosh to rest his little head


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