no sleep till …

ever? i’ve been up for a little over an hour now, and it’s 4:50am PST. my little guy is sleeping in there, or at least not kicking and clawing around, yet i can’t sleep. i’m wondering if this is hormonal? does my body know what a doozy it is truly in for in the coming months? years? boy oh boy. literally. today will be the first full day of the nfl season. i’ve watched my fair share of countdown shows on espn already this morning. and, of course, thought about the fact that i don’t fit into any of chargers gear at this point in time. so, i covet rather enjoy:

i’m so excited. yet, it’s also making things seem much more real to me. in an “oh my GOSH!” i’m excited yet totally unprepared” kind of way. silly, maybe, but when we first found out we were pregnant we thought, “we have some time, he’s due mid-season” (because we think in football seasons. haha), and here we are. about 8 weeks from when we are scheduled to meet our little guy (i wonder if he’ll be punctual). we move on wednesday and are doing some maternity pics and our “shower” (it’s a “shower” because there will be boys there. cooties) on saturday. things are coming together. somehow!


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