a beautiful chaos

so if you’ve been following my life the past couple months, i could not wait to move into our own place. my nesting instincts were going crazy and i had no control over any of my surroundings. not a good combo, i can tell ya that! but as thankful as we were to have things fall into place this past summer house-wise, we were SO thankful when moving day finally rolled around. all of the boxes are unpacked and given away, and things are coming together slowly but surely.

when i say slowly, i mean slowly. this is the view as i sit on the ground in our baboosh’s future room on our desktop computer. not quite nest-worthy, right? but once we get a couple key pieces of furniture (our crib is on its way, and keep a look out for a future post about the transformation of an old chest of drawers!) the organization will really be able to begin. mmm, so excited. i am happy to document the beginning of this room too so we can really see how far we’ve come.

more posts very soon about the goings on of the last week or so soon- including our baby celebration party, finishing our hypnobirthing classes, and our maternity pictures. i know, i know. such a tease.
one inspired mama


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