rockabye, mommy

so i know lullabyes are for babies. or for my husband. he still loves them. but i recently was given the gift of music in the form of lullaby renditions of coldplay for our little baboosh to drift off to sleep to.

music is a huge part of my life, not that i am able to play any instruments or actually make any kind of music, but i do LOVE good music and well written lyrics. and i want to instill that in the baboosh as well. i have been playing baboosh some tunes throughout my pregnancy (well, once he could begin hearing things), and i’m optimistic that he’ll be able to recognize these songs when he’s out in the world and that they will calm him down. who wouldn’t love a little ray lamontagne soothing them to sleep? the more research i do on the topic the more reassured i become … babies who hear soft music in the womb are more likely to be easier to soothe and are generally more well-rounded babies (as well rounded as a baby can be, i guess, right?!). who knows really if that’s true, since i know lots of well adjusted babooshes out there whose parents couldn’t care less about music. anyway, i just wanted to share. i love coldplay, or at least i LOVED them from their first couple albums and their last couple have been well, different … good in their own right, but different. so i thought i would share. rockabye baby uses a bunch of different artists, too … so if coldplay isn’t your cup of tea you can rock your baby to bed to lullabye versions of songs by: the beatles (yes, please!), bob marley (ya m’on), u2, journey (don’t stop believin’ in lullabye form is pretty awesome, i must admit), led zepplin, metallica, queen, and the list goes on and on.

as the baboosh’s birthing date gets closer by the moment, it is all becoming more real to me. and i imagine what it will be like to try to soothe a crying newborn back to sleep. and i say … why not make it an even more pleasant experience for YOU too and put some tunes on that you can enjoy too? who says baby music needs to be so … childish?


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