love notes

dear baboosh,

you are scheduled to make your grand debut a week from today, but your daddy and i will be infinitely happy whenever you decide you want to come say hello. we spend our time before falling asleep talking about you- who you will look like, what your passions in life will be, how fun it will be to experience the world from your perspective. we are consistently practicing our hypnobirthing relaxation exercises to ensure that your transition into the world is a calm, smooth, and incredibly intimate one. we’ve come a long way together, baboosh. we first learned about you when i was still in graduate school, and we were living in chicago. you’ve been with me through graduating with my masters, traveling across the united states (you’ve already been to more states AND more college football stadiums than most), finding our first baboosh-friendly apartment … the list goes on. i have loved experiencing the world with you always with me. your movements bring a smile to my face, and your growth has been awe inspiring. you have changed my outlook about myself, about your daddy and i’s marriage, about God’s perfect timing and trusting His plans. all before you have even arrived into the world. your daddy talks to you every night and gives you kisses, all in loving anticipation of meeting you. we live in excitement about what new adventures you will take us on, baboosh. because as much as we will like to think we are showing YOU the world, we know in our hearts that it will be you who shows us infinitely more.

baboosh, i want you to know how loved you are. being someone’s child myself i don’t know if you will ever truly know how deep and passionate that love is. but please just know that when you get here, our hearts will be filled with joy in a way we have never known. your daddy and i love each other very much and are amazed that God has blessed us with you. we hope to show you the world and to show you the Cross in all things. we hope to show you what a solid, loving relationship looks like so that you will always feel secure, and that one day when you wait at the end of the aisle for your beautiful wife, that you will know what it will take to love and respects her as God intends. i know i will want you to stay a snuggly little newborn forever, but we are also so excited to watch you grow up and become the man that God has already planned.

we love you, baboosh. and, in case you can’t tell, we are so excited to meet you and make the transition from a couple to a family. oh, what joy fills my heart to think about that moment.
your mommy.


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