oh, you thought the baby had a timeline?

that’s just silly.

i am just silly. i totally thought our sweet little baboosh would be here by now and that this post would just be gushing with love and a million “he’s just perfect”s. well, it IS true that i am gushing with love for the little guy and that even though i haven’t met him yet i know he’s just perfect … but he’s still hangin in the tummy. 2 days past his due date. but toss the idea of a due date out the window, i like the concept of calling it a guess date- that was in our hypnobirthing book. it helps me keep my patience and sanity 🙂

so, to keep myself busy these past few days i’ve been making sure our diaper stash is beginning on a positive note. so, i’ve been washing and organizing. i wanted to share a couple pictures so you can get a glimpse of the diapers we have in our very new and unfinished stash. for the most part, after a lot of research and cloth diapering mama questioning, we decided to go with a couple different styles of one sized diapers. these have snapping and velcro options and will grow with your baboosh until, ideally, potty learning. score! for these we went with mainly rumparooz, but are trying out bumgenius 4.0 (the fancy artist series prints are adorable, we think the one we have pictured looks like a tuxedo), and happy heiny’s. we also got a few newborn sized diapers so we didn’t have to deal with the super big bulk on a super tiny baboosh booty. but, at this point maybe our baboosh will come out too big for them already! for these we got a few lil joeys, made by the same people who make rumparooz, and we also decided to try a diaper that is sold at my favorite local baboosh store (now with online shopping!) called gdiapers. these are both newborn sized. we decided to forgo the prefold-style diapers for newborns because, well, they just seemed too bulky and weren’t cute enough. haha, and i thought the choice to cloth diaper was about being good to the environment?! it was, i swear. there are just so many cute choices. ay yi yi.

one of our lil joeys (it folds down for the umbilical cord. swoon) and one rumparooz OS comparison (this is such a cute print)

and then we have our basic stash, it goes: gdiapers (newborn sized), lil joeys, rumparooz, happy heiny’s, bumgenious 4.0

anyway, this is probably not THAT interesting to you. but we’re excited to pamper his little booty!
the 40w2d pregnant phenomenon


One thought on “oh, you thought the baby had a timeline?

  1. I can’t wait to talk cloth diapers with you. We use Bum Genius (3.0, didn’t know there was a 4.0 now!) and gdiapers and a few fuzzy buns. I’m fed up with the velcro though. Ready to get more snaps as they don’t wear out in the wash. Hope to see you soon! xo

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