i’ve been waiting for you…

for the birth of our sweet little one, i plan on listening to my hypnobirth relaxation tracks on repeat. but, being incredibly sensitive to the different worlds music can take me to, i also have a playlist of “laboring tunes” (and a few songs for a celebratory “he’s here!” list). i have been practicing my relaxation to a few of these laboring tunes lately to enhance my comfort level whenever the little guy decides to come and play. i looked through my itunes library, both old and new, and remembered ben harper’s double disc cd from a few years ago- both sides of the gun. one cd is so peaceful. “waiting for you” and “happy ever after in your eyes” are two of the songs i have on my list. i just wanted to share the emotion and hopefully take you guys to the same place i go when i hear these songs. an amazingly beautiful anticipation of the moment in which we will be meeting our son!

waiting for you- ben harper:

happy ever after in your eyes- ben harper (written at the request of heath ledger- this is a song ben wrote for heath’s daughter before he passed away):

{i’m not even a huge ben harper fanatic or anything, but it just hits me every time…}


2 thoughts on “i’ve been waiting for you…

    • thanks for stopping by and for the congrats! we are so excited to meet him. he is making us all wait in anticipation for his arrival! it will be well worth it though. i’m heading over to your blog right now 🙂 hope you have a happy saturday evening!

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