so i took a blogging hiatus

if you have been reading my blog, i think you might say “duh” after reading this subject line.
so before keaton was born i imagined blogging every moment of his early life. but, when the reality of bringing home a newborn set in- my mindset changed. i decided to take some time off sitting on the computer (well, some of that time was forced, but whatever!), and simply enjoy being in the moment of new mommyhood. i went through amazing personal changes throughout my pregnancy, becoming more of the woman i always dreamed i wanted to be … but boy oh boy do those changes multiply when the little one actually arrives. i never knew the extent to which i could love, to which i could put my own selfishness aside … the extent to which i could love my husband. the extent to which i could love myself. most importantly, the extent to which i could love God.

not that it has been a whole lovefest, i don’t want it to seem like this transition has been the easiest thing in the world. parenting is hard work. it’s worth it, beyond worth it, but it can be hard. i know it will get harder as he gets older, maybe not harder … just different? getting used to learning a new person, a new completely dependent person, is tough. i have since come to recognize the hungry cry and the tired cry. but then when i think i have it all down, keaton switches it up on me. i have been through the ringer with breastfeeding as well. sore, cracked, bleeding skin … all in one of the more sensitive areas of your body? yeah, not fun. but i was proactive, sought help from lactation consultants, my amazing obgyn, and other mamas … and we’ve come out the other side. we both needed to learn how to breastfeed at that point, and due to how important breastfeeding is to me- i did my due diligence and made it work. it wasn’t easy. but, like most things in life, if it was easy it probably wouldn’t be worth it. it is another amazing example of how i see my body differently now … i was able to grow a life within me (a little chunker, too!), and now i am able to sustain that life. it is pretty overwhelmingly beautiful when i sit back and think of it.

i look forward to getting back into the blogging world and sharing our new family with you. i have so much to share- next up, keaty boy’s birth story, as promised. and now, a totally gratuitous picture of our little piglet.



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