a recap from keaton

keaton wanted me to update you all on what we have been up to … from when i took my little hiatus to now. then i can get back to writing about the current goings on. so, here is what keaton wanted me to share:

here is keaty being a little leap frog in his tiny gdiapers (verdict: they were awesome for about a week and a half for him. he was a big boy from the get-go!)

first bath … LOVED it

and he just wanted to lay around in the towel with no clothes or diaper for as long as possible

helping mom and dad redecorate the place

just perfecting his flirty eyes

walk with mommy!

merry christmas from buddy the elf!

hanging with the hypnobirthing family!

taking really nice naps while looking simply adorable

taking advantage of the san diego weather and hanging at the beach … in mid-january

beach day with our little family

and learning how to smile, and just generally being adorable!

keaton and mama


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