my baby loves to sleep

stunning, right? besides the first night we brought him home (in which we got a whopping 45 minutes of sleep), and a few random stuffed up evenings here and there … keaton LOVES to sleep. or perhaps i should put it: keaton sleeps really well. we have created a routine around bedtime and try to stick to it as much as possible.

so our 11 week old little boy gets put down at 7pm, wakes up at 4am to feed for 10-20 minutes, and falls right back asleep until 7-7:30am. he stays up for about an hour or two, then takes another 3 hour nap. AWESOME, right? here’s how we do it:

keaton gets a bath at 6. he LOVES bathtime, and especially loves the lotiony massage afterwards. he gets put in his overnight diaper, some comfy pjs, and gets some evening milk. he hangs out with us on the couch, just cuddling and smiling, until 7 (a bit earlier if he gets fussy, but usually 7 on the dot). sometimes he doesn’t even show signs of tiredness but we still take him to his room at 7. i “top him off” at this point with more milk, just for an extra full belly. either trevor or i rock or walk him around in his dimly lit room for about 5 minutes, singing to him and just enjoying that sweet cuddly time. we then place him in his crib with a pacifier in his mouth. pat his booty a few times, and walk out. he might make a few noises afterwards, but he’s usually fully asleep within minutes. on occasion we need to put his pacifier back in when he gets frustrated about popping it out. we haven’t really needed/wanted to let him “cry it out” because when he’s home and we keep our routine he likes to sleep … but we did make an exception once and let him “cry it out” … i hated every minute of it … but it only lasted 7 out the 10 minutes we allotted, and he slept soundly and sweetly till his normal wake up time. he sleeps until 4am, almost exactly on the dot every night for the past 2 weeks. i get up and feed him while rocking him (he does this uber-adorable “one eyed willie” look where he keeps on eye slightly open to see what he is doing while the other is closed due to exhaustion). he feeds for about 10 minutes, i burp him and walk him around the room a bit then place him back in his crib with his paci. i don’t change his diaper anymore in the middle of the night, and we haven’t had any leak problems (we use bG 4.0s for nighttime). i don’t talk to him or turn any lights on either. that was a tough one since i always want to be sweet and lovey with him, but i think this taught him the difference between night and day much faster. so, at this point he’s out until about 7-7:30am, and trevor gets up to bring him to our room, where we cuddle and smile and play around as a family until about 8am. trevor gets ready for work while i feed him and then we all jump in the car to drop daddy off at work at 8:30 (he works 5 minutes away. score!). come home, i eat breakfast, and keaty plays … then he gets a bit fussy and it’s already naptime!

naptime is a little harder for keaton though, he usually likes to take his entire nap ON me … which i must admit i am completely in love with, but i also know as he gets older he needs to get better about sleeping longer in his crib for naps. plus, 3 hours of a sleepy keaty on me definitely puts a hamper on my “to-do” list! i know this part will get better … but perhaps i need a kick in the but to deal with it!

i worry that i may be teaching him that feeding puts him to bed in the evening, but it seems to work for us … for now. that is what i have been amazed with about parenting. yes, keaty has been a relatively amazing sleeper since week 2, but it always looks different. this schedule i just described has been going on for about 2 weeks, so i’ll fill you in on how it looks a month from now. i would get used to his earlier schedule and then a week later it would look completely different. i hope i’m not jinxing myself on this current schedule by making this public knowledge!

a well rested mama


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