oh, happy day!

when most people are giving each other candy or teddy bears today, and wishing each other a happy valentine’s day … my husband and i rolled over to one another this morning, smiling, wishing each other a happy “we made keaty day.” yes, it may be too much information for some of you to handle, but God’s creation has given us a new meaning and reason to celebrate this day. we celebrate our love all year round, but our love one year ago today created the most amazing, beautiful gift imaginable.

and now, as this little creation is napping on my chest, i think about a year ago and how different our lives are. no longer in chicago, no longer in graduate school, no longer sleeping in … but i think about how much more blessed our lives are now, how much more giving we have become, how much less selfish we are (we still are selfish, of course, just to a smaller degree most of the time!), how less self-consumed we are. little keaty is teaching us and growing us so much already, and he’s only been in existence for one year now!

so happy we made keaty day, everyone. i hope you celebrate love in your life no matter what that looks like. even if you aren’t in a relationship, you HAVE relationships. show them some love!
keaty's mama.


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