do you ever wonder…

how did i get so lucky? as a general question, i’m not asking if you sit around asking yourself about my luck (because that would be just silly) … but about your luck. well, i often have the urge to pinch myself when i look at my life. it’s not perfect by any means, but it is at the same time. and i am more than fully aware that it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with God’s grace. not that everything needs to be perfect to see God’s grace, i most often recognize it in the darkest of times. but it has been making itself evident in my life daily since keaton came into the world. into our little lives that are nothing without the grace of God.

the funny thing is, by all accounts things aren’t going to plan whatsoever. my husband’s career isn’t going as he always hoped it would, i dropped out of graduate school two years before i would have been totally finished, we had a baby we didn’t plan on … yet everything seems so perfectly perfect. even when it’s not, it is. God is really good like that. really really good. even in the midst of the hard stuff, He’s really really good.

the little boy is growing really quickly. faster than i would like, but at the same time i LOVE the new things i find he can do daily. he’s grabbing for toys and for our faces, and is really just developing this super sweet, giggly personality. i pray daily that his sweetness continues along with him for the rest of his life. my sweet little boy will be a sweet little man before i know it!

i have a TON of friends who are currently pregnant, like 7 of them. must be something in the water. but i just get so much joy in knowing that they will be experiencing- either for the first or second time- a sweet little bundle of their own who will continue give them cause to sit back and ask- how did i get so lucky? and to hopefully respond to that question with the knowledge and comfort that it is not luck that lights our path … but God’s grace!

an-overwhelmed-with-love mama!


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