another self-imposed blogging break?

i think i have felt a lot like keaton looks in this picture. too cool.

since keaton arrived i haven’t felt like blogging much. i reveled in sharing every moment of my pregnancy- how we were preparing for keaton to safely, sweetly, and naturally into this world; what cloth diapers we were going to use; how simply perfect i felt being literally and figuratively full of life. now, it is not that these things aren’t important to me anymore. i tell anyone and everyone i can how amazing it was to have keaton naturally. or how much i love our bumgenius or grovia cloth diapers. or how amazing it is that my body able to sustain a growing life. it’s all amazing. and beautiful. and important to us. and just so … about me.

that’s the point of blogs though, right? to share our thoughts and opinions? well … yes. and for me, also no. i think i got consumed in the me-ness of it, and since having keaton i’ve realized (through God’s grace!) how NOT all about me this life is. having a child will thrust your selfishness onto the backburner, if you allow it, and it feels good. i think that’s why i haven’t blogged. i have the time, technically, if i jump on while the sweet baboosh naps … but i haven’t wanted to. i’ve been thinking about how to put this into words, and where i want this blog to go … and i’ve remembered something. i’m a work in progress. a huge amount of the work is being done to me via becoming a mommy, but other parts of the work are done to me through the people with whom i am in community … the words that i read … the way i spend my time. and i think this blog is a work in progress, too. i think i know what i want from it a bit more than i did before though. less of me. sure, updates and cute pictures of the sweetest little baby i know, but more of things i want to share that don’t necessarily involve saying things like- wow, look at what i’ve been up to! aren’t i awesome? things i’m passionate about. natural birthing, natural parenting, psychology, sports, baking … so here we go. a new, less of me format. for the blog, and for my life.

but first, feel free to swoon

<3, kelly


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