pretty little things

a friend of mine from college is expecting a baboosh in about 6 weeks or so. she has decided to name the sweet little baboosh growing in her belly … eleanor. while eleanor has yet to grace this world with her adorably tiny presence, she has a nickname. or perhaps, i have a nickname for her. elliegator.
i am a firm believer in being responsible with the toys you provide your little ones. not that plastic is a terrible thing, but there are so many other textiles and resources to choose from in the world. and i prefer providing the baboosh’s in my life items that i don’t need to worry about things like bpa, or lead, or any other nastiness.

so, for elligator’s shower, i am getting her something appropriate. something organic. something natural. something swampy.

check out ecoleeko on etsy.


One thought on “pretty little things

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