it’s (suprisingly) easy being green

our little fam lives in a cute little apartment. emphasis on the little. we like it for now though. it’s updated, clean, has a balcony, is in a safe neighborhood, and it fits perfectly in our tight pay-back-student-loans-asap budget. my only issue, or so i thought, was not being able to grow our own little garden. we have some basil and chives going in little planters on the balcony … but i want lush greenness. i want sustainability, veggies! i want fresh air!

i stumbled on the idea of a vertical garden in the book The Ubran Homestead. it basically focuses on how to live a green, sustainable life in itty-bitty living spaces. while we are certainly not in an urban area at the moment (oh how I do miss downtown Chicago living sometimes, though!), we are crunched for space. as we are able to expand in our future, the next step will be to use the occasional used (read: pee’d on) groVia biosoaker disposable inserts available for some of keaty’s diapers to help compost! so many easy ways to go green without really needing to do much at all. anyway:
check out the ingenuity of how to use your tiny spaces as greenly as possible. sure, these aren’t veggies … but they are awesome!

yes, that is a vertical garden. growing in a box. on the wall.

up close and personal with the vertical garden

my next indoor project. probably for sweet baboosh’s room, too.
{pics all courtesy of Babble}

so…do you have any small-spaces-gone-green tips i need to know about?!


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