a day in the life

i spent the day yesterday in long beach with my friend megan. for a long time she was one of those “mutual friends” type of friend- we knew each other but didn’t KNOW each other. she is an amazing woman in so many ways and yesterday we decided to spend the day together up in long beach. she lives in a beautiful loft overlooking this trendy area of the lbc. we made caprese sandwiches, got some tart froyo, and searched around for dinosaur costumes for keaty. typical. unfortunately for keaty there were no dino costumes to be found that would fit his little nugget body. but fortunately for me, megan made a quick little movie of keaton’s adventures on the leather couch. she uploaded and made this movie with lightning speed. something so easy for her to put together but that has blessed me SO very much to have! i really enjoyed my time with her and am stoked that we are truly getting to know each other outside of the “mutual friend” vortex that is easy to get caught up in. our time was filled with encouraging and challenging conversations, and laughs. and some burnt sandwiches.

a day in the life of a keaty on a couch.


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