we are the world

we aren’t the type of parents who thought “oh no, baby is coming … when will ever get to travel?!” i’m ALL about showing keaty the world from a young age. does it make traveling more strenuous? yes. but i think the strain that it may put on us is nowhere near the global heart and attitude that can be fostered in keaton through exposure to the world. and not just nice vacations where we go somewhere and just be consumers … we want to travel and do service projects and immerse ourselves in the cultures we interact with. i want him to understand early on that america is not the world. my eldest (oldest? i always failed this question on grammar tests…) brother is a world traveler. he lives in vietnam now, heading to sri lanka in 2012. craziness. he recently went to india where he picked us up a few things. including this awesome little indian boy outfit for keaty. i couldn’t wait to put it on him. it’s like a first teeny tiny baby step towards a little cultured keaty!


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