decorating eggs and celebrating freedom

i want to be able to decorate eggs, but i want to be able to do so with the understanding that this cultural piece of celebrating easter is not the heart of it.

with easter fast approaching, i am wondering how other families navigate the wide world of commercialization of Christian holidays. of course keaty won’t understand what is happening this year, but we want to be intentional about the things we teach and say about this day. do you do easter egg hunts? easter baskets? decorate your house with springtime decorations?

it pains me a bit when i see how our culture celebrates easter. it has turned into a springtime celebration of candy and bunny ears. i want keaty to be able to celebrate this day with a heart of gratitude and understanding. i don’t think that necessarily means no candy or no eggs, but i do think it means intentionality. and teaching. and dedication by his parents to point him in the right direction. i love to celebrate springtime as much as the next person (particularly when we lived in chicago where spring truly meant LIFE again), but i wonder how to navigate this holiday with a thankful heart for creation and life as well as eternal redemption. and not in that order, of course.

i don’t have any other wise words (i perhaps i had no wise words to begin with though, so this is not saying much) or questions … just wondering how other christian families decide to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “decorating eggs and celebrating freedom

  1. We do egg hunts (just for fun, not necessarily as an “easter activity”) but no Easter Bunny (he always sort of creeped me out anyways). This year we’re going to do Resurrection Eggs with a few friends and then as the kids grow up, I want to emphasize that the eggs represent new life, just like the new life we have in Jesus. Mine are still young so I haven’t really gotten there yet, but, like you, I want to make sure I’m being intentional about what we do, even before they really understand.
    I love doing a basket of treats for the kids, too, although I’m not quite sure how to tie that in to the real meaning of Easter. I’ll have to think about that one. 😉

  2. i love the idea of resurrection eggs! i’d love to see how that goes- post some pictures! i am thankful i have a while to really think about how to approach it all. and i agree- i never thought the easter bunny was an enjoyable character at ALL! haha, the smile on his little costumed face was creepy for sure.

    i have the same questions about santa and christmas, too … should be a fun journey 🙂

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