the baby whisperer

my ob recently had a fundraiser for his non-profit organization, seaside giving. it’s a program that provides medical care to pregnant women who cannot afford medical services. in exchange for this care, these women sign a contract with the organization to do volunteer work in the community. it’s pretty cool. like him. anyway, the fundraiser was at petco park for a padres game. it was so nice to see him again and be reminded of his amazing heart and sense of humbleness about how he enters into the lives of so many families. plus, he’s just a cool guy. and cool things are happening for him and his practice.

keaton loved his first baseball game, and we loved introducing him to it. despite the fact that the padres are terrible this year, it was still fun to go to the park and continue to show keaton new things and experiences. keaton spent a majority of the game being held by my doc. i swear keaton remembers his voice and knew that this man had spent many-a-day preparing me to help him enter the world in a beautiful way. apparently my ob has a way with babies when they are still in the tummy AND when they are out in the world.


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