chunky babies are good for the soul

i know, i know. you are getting down to the wire in your pregnancy and you are a bit worried about your baby getting too big for you. please don’t. i promise that if you have faith in your body it will reward you.

i’ve heard of too many women who are scared into inducing labor early because they don’t want their baby to get too big. let’s stop that rumor right now. if you don’t have gestational diabetes or any other health issues and barring any crazy freak statistical outliers, your baby is going to be just the right size for you. i understand many doctors will say that the baby may be getting too big for you, but i honestly think that they have lost faith in the female body’s strength and ability. that’s just my opinion. i’m not a health practitioner in any way, but i am informed. potentially more than your doctor may be about what your body is capable of doing. i know it sounds crazy, but it may just be true. your little boy may be bigger than “average,” or she may be on the “small” side … but please trust that your body knows what to cook up just for you!

i birthed naturally this little chubster 9lb 7oz baby boy out of a 5’9/5’10 previously 120lb frame. i’m long and lanky and my baby boy was long and chubby. the nurses all exclaimed that i should have had a c-section because that baby was just too big for me. hmm, did you see what just happened? i birthed him. naturally. and he was just the right size! so no, i shouldn’t have had a c-section. certainly he was a big baby, but he had a couple extra weeks of cooking to help fatten his little body up. he knew he was being born on the verge of winter and wanted to make sure he’d be warm for the journey.

i love that my baby was a chunkster. the extra fat gave me more to love on. so please don’t worry. you and your body will do just fine!


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