decorating on a dime

so i’m in a decorating kind of mood. almost feel that same drive as i did when i was nesting before the baboosh’s arrival. i have been on design blogs and combing through all of my saved “martha stewart craft of the day emails”

i want to update keaty’s room a bit as we are in the midst of moving our computer/work desk out of his room and into ours, so we have a whole new layout in there, and a lot more space to work with. part of what i do is work from home stuff, and keaty is getting to the point that he can see me over his bumper when he pushes himself up…this makes for an interesting naptime. i’m really digging this:

part of me wonders about all the updates i want to do in terms of the fact that we are renting. i want to make this place a little bit more “us” while not changing anything permanently. i think we’ll probably stay in this place at least through another year since we love the deal we got on it, so i’m thinking it’s about time to cozy up! i know we can’t paint, but i’d love to add punches of color and, in particular, some chalkboard paint. black is a great accent color that not many people think about … and the fact that it can be modern yet interactive and fun adds a whole new twist on decorating.

i have two questions for you-

what design blogs do you love?


what are your best tips for decorating in a rental?


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