i’m not very political, but…

i’m sure we all have been hearing the same news since last night. osama bin laden was killed after hiding out not in random caves or underground holes like originally postulated (or like his friend sadaam was), but he was chillin in a pretty happenin city in pakistan. right under the nose of the “west point of pakistan.” hmmm. president obama told me so.

he died, we took his body, we followed muslim tradition that states the body must be buried within 48 hours. i’m so thankful we remembered to respect that tradition. that could have been even more ammunition for retaliation!

now, don’t get me wrong here with what i’m about to say. my dad was in the Navy, i have friends and dear dear loved ones who serve our country faithfully. i am pro-military all the way. their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families are incredible. now, with that said…

we are back to chanting USA! USA! after the death of a terrible man. go us, right? well, what message are we sending here? are we just adding more fuel to the fire? are we teaching our children that violence is the answer? i don’t know, it is great to know that this man will never be able to mastermind any terrible killings again, but is killing someone who loved to kill the answer? i read an article today that put it in perspective for me. why are we celebrating violence?

as brian mclaren put it:

joyfully celebrating the killing of a killer who joyfully celebrated killing carries an irony that I hope will not be lost on us



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