note to self…

curl hair, wear red pumps, get makeup ‘did … breastfeed lookin’ smokin hot.

a la miranda kerr. who, by the way, is quickly becoming one of my favorite model-y type women. not that i have many of those. or any really, but whatever. she is a natural birth advocate and was realistic and honest about her natural birth to a little chunker like keaty. (Unlike giselle, who swore up and down that childbirth was the “easiest thing” she’s ever done, and has publicly reprimanded mothers for a million different reasons just because she doesn’t raise her child those ways). anyway, back to the awesomeness. brava, miranda, for feeding your little man in public and being unashamed while at it. the more people see this, the less awkward women will feel (and the less terrible glares women will get, too)!


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